Bale Press Machine Equipment


The recycling industry, which grows every year, will grow even more rapidly as human resources are limited by human resources. This growth will bring new problems to the sector with itself. At the beginning of the growth problems, there are insufficient areas for our recycling waste. The solution of humanity against this problem is the bale press machines that provide us with millions of m2 of space each year. Here are the benefits of those machines.

Benefits of bale press machines

These baling press machines, which press all kinds of waste into a compact, compact cube with automatic press system, are one of the most important factors in the recycling industry. Some of the benefits of the bale press machines, which enable the most effective storage and disposal of the waste collected for recycling, include: More secure garbage collection areas, more hygienic waste collection areas, saving garbage areas to enterprises by reducing or effectively discharging garbage collection areas, Save on shipping cost.

The bale press machines are suitable and safe for pressing almost any kind of garbage waste. Among these materials, plastic, fiber, cotton, paper, sack, wool, waste are the most processed materials such as the industry.

Bale press machines in the press sector are generally divided into two groups as horizontal baling press machines and vertical baling press machines. These groups are separated according to the press forces of the machines, which are measured from the top of the tonnage, or by the solid waste kilogram that they can press into bale. Both the choice of packaging requirements in the export of certain products and waste, and the choice of pressed recycling products for easier handling and easier stacking of recyclable products, and baler press systems become an increasingly common machine due to higher money payments.

Horizontal or vertical baler press machines, which are selected by the companies according to the amount of recycling materials they process each month, also provide profit to the enterprises with their high maintenance and expense demands. Bale press machines, which are the plastic bond or steel cable used to connect the bales, are the indispensable systems that large enterprises use to increase their profit margins.