Balya Press Machine Systems


Bale press machines, one of the most important elements of the recycling industry, are developing day by day. Statistics show that hundreds of baling press machines have entered the recycling system in foreign countries every day. The reason for this is the contribution of bale press systems to the efficiency, cleanliness and savings of a workplace. What is the reason why the most important step in the collection stage for the recycling of solid wastes, if it is done correctly, is of great benefit? What does the baling technique do?

What is the Baling Technique?

Bale press systems are either manual or manual filling of solid waste or re-forming systems that are filled with solid waste into the belt system. Bale press systems take the name of the waste from the bale of the press machine. The resulting bale is either reinforced by plastic bonding or by steel cables to maintain its form.

Bale press technique is a system that has emerged in response to a specific need in the recycling industry. For this reason, its use has a lot of yields. There are so many benefits. The state has obliged the export of recycled waste materials, and higher quantity prices have been started to be paid by the recycling facilities to the bale pressed solid waste.

Pressing of solid wastes primarily makes the transport of waste more efficient. As the cube-shaped waste is easier to stack on vehicles, it saves both space and gasoline. The same cube shape remedy the biggest problem in recycling areas. As you know, the most common problem of the ever-growing recycling industry is that it cannot find enough garbage holding and waste holding area. The solution has been found in the continually developing sector with easily stackable wastes. The intensive collection of wastes and the subsequent prevention of the distribution by steel cables means cleaner, disease-free collection areas. Another advantage of the bale press technique is that the baled solid wastes can be processed more easily, they are put into the machines for remodeling, and they are both time and cost effective compared to the dispersed wastes in the middle.