Benefits of Press machine

Bale press machine

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to press operation is ilk compress Pres. Compressing is to reduce the volume of the substance to a specified level. Decreasing the volume of space will take us less space will provide us. Considering the land use, waste is less of an issue in the world, and it is an issue that everyone has. Today, the disposal of waste is of great importance. For this reason, recycling facilities have started to be established. The grouping of wastes that will be recycled and small footprint are very important for the efficiency of the waste facilities. With less waste, the plant can recycle more materials. As a continuation of this, more effective cleaning of our planet is ensured. Thanks to the bale press machines produced for use in waste facilities, recycling processes have been greatly facilitated.

What are the made materials?

Bale press machines can be used for compacting all solid materials. Especially wastes such as paper, cardboard and napkins are mostly pressed waste. In addition, plastic bottles, plastic kitchen products and plastic materials are all suitable for pressing conditions. All kinds of textile materials, ropes, wool, linen, fibers and so on. soft solids are also subject to pressing process. All of the products placed on the bale press machines are compressed into cubes and connected with steel or plastic threads. In this way, the shape of the pressed materials is permanent.

Benefits of Press machine

The most important function of the pressing process is space saving. Pressed wastes take up less space in warehouses and press areas. It also makes it easy to stack in cubes. It can also be easily placed in a cube-shaped container. For example; Since the pressed waste is transported to the facility, it will be easier to place it on the transportation vehicle since it is both press and cube shaped. Again, the operation will save more amount of waste in each transport vehicle, even saving money. In addition, the demand for wastes pressed by baling press machines has become more and more in recent years. Because of this, space and money saving, pressing facilities and facilities for recycling have started to be mutual.