Recycling lines

Recycling Lines

Recycling sector is one of our most important business lines because of protecting nature, preventing natural resource problems and providing jobs to millions of people. So what is being done in the recycling sector? The main purpose of the recycling sector is to make the waste materials available and recycled. This process is a long process that is demanding and requires attention. We can call the whole process from the collection of waste up to the delivery to the factories for recycling. Of course, the most important parts of this process are the stages in which the materials are processed. They process this tedious process, which is called recycling lines, in a band with the finger of all the machines used in the sector.

Tasks of Recycling Lines

The waste introduced into the recycling line (these wastes are mostly oil-based products) are subject to different processes. If we need to count these processes, we can say that decomposition, washing, cleaning, drying, disintegration, thermal or physical processing and melting are finally required. When the wastes are separated according to their categories and put into recycling lines, the recycling phase has started for that waste. That stage proceeds as follows.

The wastes first meet with washing separation systems, separators and centrifugal separators in the recycling line. In this stage, both the water boilers are free of impurities and the separators are separated from the pollutants such as sand and mud by strong water channels or centrifugal force. In the next step, there is drying of disinfected and disinfected wastes. Conical presses and machines such as agglomerate machines can be used in the preparation stage. The machines, which are washed and installed, may be required to pass to other machines and to bring them to smaller dimensions. In these cases, reciprocating plastic crushing machines, single shaft and double shaft shredder, ie grinders are used. They are suitable for re-use with the help of machines such as agglomerate machines and granule machines. Depending on the sector in which the waste is used, plastic micronized machine can be used as an extra and the waste can be powdered.