Scrap Pressing Machines


Turkey and are taken every day hundreds of new objects in the world. With each new item taken, the old place is no longer a waste. And the question of where these old items are supposed to come to mind. As a result of this consumption craze, a new line of business has emerged: Scrap-making. As we all know, scrap; old, not to be used. The scrap dealers travel the streets and streets, collecting scrap, and accumulating them for recycling. Another item that comes to mind when it comes to scrap is the vehicles that are out of circulation and are not in use. Consumers sell these scrap vehicles for a fee. Nowadays, the scrap and scrap ware sector has grown considerably. Some brands in the automotive, furniture and white goods sectors ensure that people participate in the recycling movement with a promise of discount. As such, the collection and storage of these scrapes became difficult. The baling presses produced by this process made these processes much easier.

Scrap Balya Pressing Process

Bale pressing machines have hydraulic cylinders and these cylinders are compacted into small dimensions by compressing all metal parts without the smallest part. This force is around 300-350 bar and 3 axes are pressurized and compression is completed.

Scrap Balya Pressing Benefits

As is known, metal and so on. The process of melting the materials is quite costly. Scrap bales reduce metal melting time and reduce energy costs. The melting efficiency is also increased by the melted scrap in compressed form. Since more metal will be placed at one time during the loading phase, there will be no energy loss since the melting doors will not open again. The life of the melting furnaces will also increase with proper use, and the construction and maintenance costs will be reduced. It has great advantages in terms of enterprises to measure the weight, the weight and the price of the scrap. The cost of the scrap and the raw material cost will be different and the manufacturer’s cost will be reduced. Thanks to the bale pressing machines, it provides great advantages to the manufacturer in terms of the cost of scrap transportation and storage. In addition, during the procurement of raw materials, the operation may be clean and orderly. The most important benefit of the pressing process is that it facilitates people’s operations and ecologically activates people.